Frequently asked questions

Why should I take this course?

Because currently, you are not happy or satisfied with your life. Or maybe because you are happy but insecure that things will not always stay the way they are. You should take this course if you want to achieve more in your personal, professional, family life or any other section of your life. You should take this course if you have dreams or want to find your passion. You should take this course if you want to know the power of the words “Nothing is impossible”. You should take this course if you want to get the best out of your life so when you die you know that your purpose was fulfilled. You should take this course so you start living life in your terms. You should take this course because you deserve what you desire.

What is the reason behind such a cost-effective price of the course?

We are glad like many of our students even you find the price as cost-effective and low. There is no reason behind it. We are only charging for the quality and value that we provide and have nothing to do with anything else. A small amount goes to our team who takes care of bringing your questions to Samu, your course instructor and passing his consultation to you. And then needless to say we make profits as well. We could have surely kept the price high and people would still buy it but then it will jeopardize the ultimate purpose. For your understanding this is how the price was calculated:
The average hourly wage in the USA - $25 (approx.)
Total hours for the course – 4 hours (approx.)
Total course price – Per hour Samu charges X number of hours it takes to teach = $97 (In reality, Samu charges anywhere between $99-$129 per hour. On average anyone who takes his services, shoots a question and needs one hour of consultation will have to pay at least $99. Many times he doesn’t even take anything less than 10 hours of coaching per person. This is a price for the value that he brings and nothing else.) Now, the contents of this course are evergreen irrespective of any age and time you live in. And lastly, you get a free consultation for your dreams where the trainer will answer your queries about the dream that you want to pursue after you take the course. You can buy and everyone can learn from this course. Share it with your grandfather or grandson both of them will be able to use it for their success as the contents are evergreen. Looking at all this perspective the price could have gone beyond the dream amount. But looking at our purpose to help it has drastically come down to a small amount. And that’s how the price was set. The price is affordable and will stay constant forever. No gimmicks of temporary discount here.

Why the course raw and without any glamour?

Take this course as someone who is talking to you personally and trying to explain the concepts to you. Someone who cares for you. Maybe your friend or a loved one. Now adding glamour here won’t make sense. It will remove the personal touch. In fact, more than 90% of the courses that are edited crisply, with fancy graphics and mind-blowing voice quality are just limited to glamour only. In reality, there is no good content or personal touch in them. They sell only on glamour. We have taken care of sound and content very well. Anything else will distract your focus and will hamper your personal gains. Remember, it is a life-changing educational course and not a movie.

How many sales I can make?

If you have a good network then in the worst scenario you will be able to sell at least one course in a day. That’s $900 per month just for referring us. An average person is capable of selling 1.77 courses per day i.e close to 50 sales in a month.

How can I sell this course on your behalf and make money?

Send email to partnerships@thedreamzb.com asking for a partnership code. We will give you a unique code designed only for you. Here is how the code will look - MIR07AS$!2% Spread this code in your network through emails, chat, social media or any way you prefer. Inform your buyers to write this code on Paypal while making the payment. Once the payment is confirmed we will send you your commission. For each sale, you will make a flat amount of $30. No slabs. No minimum target. No rules. Few things to remember: 1. Share your Paypal id with us so we can send the commission to you.
2. You will bear the Paypal fees of your commissions.
3. Your code is unique so if someone spreads it to their friends then also you will receive a commission. If they want to make commission independently then they have send an email to us asking for their unique code.
4. Your clients get everything mentioned in the course including support for their goals.
5. Please make sure that your Paypal account is active and working. 6. We might need screenshot of the payment done in some (very rare) cases.

Is this course boring?

Yes! It is boring. Honestly don’t expect some fancy artwork and graphics. Seth Godin quote is our inspiration here - “It’s impossible to create work that both matters and pleases everyone.” This course focuses more on the quality instead of making it glamorous. The quality is not compromised but the glamour side is removed by choice. Take it as your school studies which were not glamorous and most of the time you loathed it but ultimately that's what made you educated. Good things are boring: Going to the gym is boring.
Doing yoga is boring.
Spending 2 hours in the church is boring.
Reading is boring.
Learning is boring.
Practicing is boring. This course is boring. Because:
Success is boring!

Will this course make me a millionaire?

Yes and No. If you take actions then-Yes and if you don’t then-No. Don’t expect this course to deliver a million-dollar check at your doorstep. This is the best course to get what you want but you will have to work for it like everything else in life. We can feed you the best food, of the best quality, with the right intention and in the right way. We can also guide you on how to eat but ultimately: You will have to chew!

Do you take responsibility for my success?

No! Even if we want to we can’t. It is your life and you will have to walk the talk. Our role is like a parent who gives the kid everything possible and keeps on giving throughout. But at last, the child has to play the game. Be rest assured you will not need our help if you understand this course deeply and take actions. Moreover, we are always there to asisst you, support you and resolve your queries, if any.

I don’t have money but still need your help?

No problem.

We can’t give you this course free as it will be unfair to others who are not financially strong but still managing to pay for the course.

You can try our contest page to get the course for free.

Alternatively, we can give you the advice and consult you with your current life situations. Do explain us your scenario and we will connect through email soon.

I have some more questions about the course. Where can I ask?

Ask on - info@thedreamzb.com Our team will get back to you ASAP.

How long can I keep this course with me?

It is yours till your last breath.

How to buy this course?

Click on BUY NOW tab.

This will take you to our Thinkific checkout page. Register with your email, make the payment and start right away.

It takes less than 2 minutes to discover the magic that will give you everything that you want.

Where can I use this course?


For your personal life, professional life, health goals, spiritual goals, financial goals…everywhere.

What will I need to do this course?

Nothing except:

- An open mind

- 1% faith that you deserve the best.

Rest 99% will be done by the course.

What I will become after the course?

You will become more confident, clear, energetic, visionary and happy.

You will become whatever you desire to be.

You will become the best version of yourself.

What will happen after I finish the course?

You will have a clear idea of how to dream, how to achieve your dreams and be happy forever.

You will be fearless and love your life more than you are loving it right now.

What is the right way to learn from this course?

The ideal way is to finish one chapter in a day. If you are a quick learner you can go for more and something less if you are a slow learner. Once the chapter is over just reflect everything that you have learned in your mind. Don’t take the help of a pen and paper. It should be in your mind. See what you learned. Try to remember the points. Let your brain store it for you so you can use it forever. Once all 10 chapters are done your course is finished. At the end of each chapter, you will find homework. Start using it for your dreams. Take one step at a time. Refer back to the course if you feel stuck. It’s OK, no one is perfect. A few moments of practice will bring better results in the long run. Lastly, here is our email id -. If you feel stuck at any steps in your dreams share the scenario with us. Our executives will get back to you and make things simpler for you. We will consult and guide you through emails. You are not alone in this journey. Wherever you are in the journey of your dreams we will guide you. This support comes with no obligations or extra cost.

How it is different from the other courses that I see on the internet?

Well, we are a team of genuine people with a clear intent. And that is the reason our reality check is on top. Unlike others, we don’t sell you anything that will make you rich faster than you expect. To put our point, we have not even designed the course in a saleable format. We don’t want your buying reason to be super creative graphics and fancy designs. It is just a simple course with a heart to heart talk. We are not here to sell the course. We are here to sell you what is possible and what is not. And how to make the impossible possible. That’s all. This needs bluntness which we possess. Hence no sugar coating here or get rich quick scheme here. We are aware that this will impact our monetary gains as people love things that are sugar-coated, unreal and attractive. But we are fine taking that loss. Our aim is not to count how many people will buy this course. Instead our aim is how many lives are impacted by this course. It doesn’t matter even if only one person buys this course but if his/her life is impacted then we win. And lastly no gimmicks here of cutting down the actual course price of $1999 to $97. You are not late to buy this course. This window of the discounted price is not only for the first 100 people. It is for everyone. Take your time and buy it later. We are not interested in creating any urgency in you to make you buy this product. The sooner the better for your growth as time is more precious than money but the ball will always remain in your court. And the price will be constant.

What is the purpose of this course?

One of the saddest moments on the death bed is that people often regret that they could not make the best out of their life. We designed this course to help you to realize your full potential so you can achieve your life’s purpose and be happy forever. You are not here to come and go. You are here to come, create and then go. And our purpose is to help you create what you want irrespective of what it is. It also fulfills our other purpose of seeing you happy. If are happy and successful then we are happy and successful.

What this course is all about?

Everyone has a dream but 99% them are not able to accomplish it. This happens because they don’t know what to do. If they know what to do, then they don’t know how to do it. If they know the steps then they don’t know how to take actions. And lastly, if all is OK then they don’t know to handle failure if something goes wrong. This is the ultimate reality of life that most people are facing right now. This course brings you the solutions to the above-mentioned problems. It contains some simple, easy, and effective steps that you need to follow for goal setting and guaranteed success. It guides you from scratch until your dreams are achieved. Throughout the journey, it will guide you with things like dreams or goal setting, action plans, mindset, how to design action plans, how to be happy 24*7, etc. It breaks the illusion that is created in the society that success is tough and you need the luck to get it. NO! Irrespective of who you are and where you are born you deserve success and happiness like everyone else. This course will bring you that guaranteed success which was designed and destined only for YOU.

Who should not take this course?

This course is NOT designed by a professional trainer who is an expert in video editing. The trainer does not believe in showing the glamorous side of self-development and self-education, at least for this course. He is a life/business coach. The course comes with excellent sound quality and great content, explained in a simple possible manner like your friend is talking to you. This course is not for your if: - You want something glamorous.
- Your focus is on the brand and not on the quality of the content.
- You can't resist 1-2 spelling mistakes in the content and cry over it.
- You feel the sound is too low.
- You feel the sound is too high.
- You feel the course is flat and lacks energy.
- You feel the course is over-energized.
- You believe that you will never do good in life.
- You are not ready you take action.
- You want someone to take responsibility for your success.
- You want to play the victim card. - You are narrow minded. Jump and pick this course right away if you are open to change yourself by just 1%. Rest 99% will be done by this course. But if your mindset is not ready to give even 1% then this course is not for you. This course is all you need to become the best version of yourself. If your mindset is against it then it will not help you in spite of the invaluable knowledge it has.

Who can take this course?

Anyone interested in dying peacefully can take this course and turn their life around. You can take this course if you: - Want to find your goals.
- Have goals but don’t know how to proceed to achieve them.
- Confused between staying in now or in future.
- Struggle with habit building.
- Have no clarity or purpose in life.
- Struggle with personal, professional, finance, health or family life.
- Don’t know to give up or to continue chasing goals.
- Want to learn how to be happy before, during and after you achieve your goals.
- Want to die happily.
- Want to leave a legacy.

Where can we find you on social media?

Oh, we love social media. The team members with whom you interacted or will interact are in love with social media the same as you.
But unfortunately Dreamz-B no on social media.
We feel social media is all about spamming your feeds with our products again and again. Moreover, after some point, it becomes a distraction.
We have added value to the course and now there is nothing left to share on social media.
Do you think we should be there? Share us a good reason and we will connect on social media.

I want to know who more about the trainer of this course?

The trainer is based out of Asia and is responsible for adding positivity in the life of thousands of people. So far he has served and touched the life of 673 people personally and thousands of them online through his courses. All this happened in a spam of 8 years.

He has failed a lot in his life and still knows how to enjoy the life. He consumes knowledge from various books and other sources like videos, Ted talks etc.

So far he has read more than 300 self-development books and 1000+ blogs on similar topics. Plus 1000+ hours of videos and note-taking.

He is NOT a professional trainer.

He loves exploring topics like human psychology, motivation, success, spirituality, habits, productivity, behaviours, life, happiness etc.

His personal record is of reading 30000 words in one sitting on the above mentioned topics.

His goal is to spread happiness and help people relalize their infinite potential. He is on a mission to make this world a better place.












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