The Course


The course was born in 2018, way before Dreamz-B launched. It is designed by Samu, also your current course instructor.

Initially, it was a simple offline education material used by Samu to coach his clients. Since then the course has evolved and updated multiple times.

It has gone through 3 phases:

1] Offline - Back then the course was less of training material and more of a coaching and consulting material. Samu coached people using the material and brought success on their plate irrespective of what their dreams were.


2] Online Video - In the second phase it became an online video product but without a website. Selling was limited to a small crowd only. Reason? Our team was very small to provide after-sales coaching. More than 90% of the students were through personal networks. This phase became a huge hit.


3] Current phase - Dreamz-B - This is what you are seeing right now. We realized that everyone should take benefit of the course irrespective of their age, country, caste, gender or dreams. We believe, if something is working fine, is helpful and accepted by everyone then it needs to be shared with others.


In the process to make things a simple and automated Dreamz-B website was launched.


For the current phase also we offer free online coaching for your dreams and goals.


Below are some features and benefits of the course:


  • 4 hours of contents = Priceless knowledge.

  • User-friendly content = To make you feel home while learning.

  • Valuable contents with practical knowledge = Helping you to take the right actions and achieve your goals.

  • Lifetime access = Anytime in life if you want to set any kind of goals refer to this course. It is yours, forever.

  • Support for your goals = You are not alone. We will guide you in every step of your dreams.

  • Homework = Real-life practical test to get the ball rolling​.

And much more...

The Content

This course is a powerful tool that will help you to get what you want. It is designed with an emotional touch of a friend talking to a friend. No part of the course is to attract you to fall in love with it. Instead, it is designed so you can fall in love with yourself and become the best version of yourself.

On the flip side, it is plain and dull to some extent but that's the USP. Simply because in real life we do not talk to our friends animatedly while giving advice or helping them. We talk with emotions and build a bond. This course is fueled by the same concept.

In all, you will have 10 chapters in the course divided between 100+ PowerPoint slides that takes you from the journey of having a goal to conquering it. It runs for approximately 4 hours with 32 videos.

Each video runs a PowerPoint presentation designed efficiently to make you understand the content easily. The voice-over is of your friend cum instructor, Samu.

2 more videos are part of the course at the start that gives you an introduction to the course and our purpose.

The contents are designed to be helpful and evergreen irrespective of what your goals are.

At the end of each course, you do homework for that particular chapter. Anytime if you feel stuck you can shoot a question to us and we will help you.

Our support is not limited to course questions but also for your dreams. So if you have started your journey towards your goals and feel stuck then don't worry we will help you to move ahead. 

Gradually you will excel and achieve all your goals.

Below are some screenshots from some of the chapters:

Content from Chapter - 4

Contents from Chapter - 6














Contents from Chapter - 7


















Contents from Chapter - 6


















Course Psychology

The course was designed keeping few things in mind. 

This course is a replica of what Samu teaches to his clients worldwide. The way he talks, his tone, his accent, voice modulation, explanation technique, everything is the same. 

The purpose to design it in such a way is because IT WORKS! We monitored the results with our limited clients in the second phase and the result that came out was astonishing. The progress in students was drastic.


Hence this course runs on simplicity. No heavy drama while talking or explaining. Just a simple conversation to pass the precious knowledge to you.

A simple process to make your life simple.

The course has helped thousands of people and will help you to get what you want in the areas of finance, work, career, health, family etc.






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