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Your life started when you were born. Along with your birth life also registered the start of your dreams and choices. 

Unfortunately, it also signified the start of challenges that you will face in the future for your dreams.

Time passed. As you grew, so did your curiosity. Initially, you had an immense interest in a million things. As a child, you started questioning about everything to everyone with innocence. The questions were so profound that it made people think at times. And some were silly. 

But then after few years life took over and you realized that the actual world is cruel. You started facing problems in the real world. Nobody had answers to your real problems because they are stuck with their own. And now, you are not entertained like an innocent kid anymore. 

Time moved on.

Gradually your life got entangled in a mess like EMI, breakups, finances, health, jobs, security and lost hopes. Deep within you, you died. And now, you are a perfectly fine body is walking on earth with shattered dreams and a lost identity. Unfortunately, this is how you will live till 80.

And then one day you will die in real. Your last thoughts on your deathbed will be "I wish I would have made the right choices." You die.

Soon after your funeral, you will be forgotten. Nobody remembers a mediocre soul for long. Not even their family.


You are born and things are same as in scene one.

The kid in you has now grown and facing the cruel world. Everywhere around you, you see people with problems. Nobody cares about your problems as they are busy with their own. Even you are in a mess like breakup, EMI's and bad health.


But here is the difference from scene one. Instead of getting devastated you choose to take control of your life. You take the responsibility and charge of your life. You decide that you will not die like any mediocre soul. 

And things change.

This decision to not die like a mediocre soul gave you immense strength.

Your life changed at this point. Everything negative and bad situations became helpless because you are now much stronger. You have a goal, you have a purpose - to live a life on your choice.

Your single choice gave you a U-Turn in finance, family, health, business positively.


Time passed.


Gradually you proved that you had made the right choices. You started excelling in your finances, family, work and health life.

People don't want you to die as the world needs legend like you. You keep going strong and inspire millions of them through your efforts, results, and charisma.

But one day nature wins and you die at 80. The world cries. You were an inspiration to millions. Your deathbed was a peaceful place because you had accomplished everything in life. 

Even after your death, the world talks about you and the lessons learned from you. You were the one who achieved everything that you want irrespective of the circumstances.

The choice you make while you are alive keeps you alive after your death as well.


The one who died without living or the one who lived even after death?

If you choose the second life then go on...This course is for the people like you and other similar human beings:

Who are an epitome of success in finance, relations, business, dreams, family and everything that they think of.

Who decide their dreams and achieve it no matter what. 

Who want to fail their failures.

Keep reading if you are the one…Even if you feel that by only 1%

Your choice of continuing reading will define you in near future.

Life is all about choices and the right moves. If we make the right move then its awesome but if we make a wrong move then still it's awesome as the wrong can be corrected. Life is what you make it.

You don't choose death, it chooses you someday. But when you grow you have an option to choose the life of your choice. 

And the power to choose lies in: NOW!

The only way not to fear death is to live the life of your dreams.

Is it risky? Yes, it is, a bit. But what is life if not taking risky decisions and making the right choices when you are alive? 


Let us announce:

If you choose to live the life of your dreams even by 0.001% then the ball has started rolling. You are on your track to become a successful person and turn 0.001% into 100% with the help of this course. 


A complete 360-degree u-turn life is waiting for you and you have to power to accept it NOW.

Remember this, success is nothing but a combination of the right framework with the right mindset and right action. 

You want to prepare a recipe you need 3 things:

A right framework
Right mindset
And a right action

You can't mess around with anything. You can't change the framework of the recipe; neither you can achieve it with the wrong mindset or wrong action.

Same for money

Same for business

Same for family

Same for relations​
Same for anything and everything you do.

And same for life.

Do the things mentioned above and success will be your irrespective of who you are and where you are in your life RIGHT NOW.

Trust us, success is easy.

Now you may be thinking: It's easy to say but tough to do.

You are not wrong, you are super wrong!

The real MAGIC LINE is:


Yes, this is the fact the people who have achieved success will never mention it to anyone. It not insecurity or ego factor – It's just that they expect you to figure it out as it is easy.

Ask them: How they did it?

And they will say "Don't know. I just stared and things started falling on the places"

It's as simple as that.

And this is the thing that we, DREAMZ-B have taught hundreds of people and made them what they wanted to be.

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When we designed the course all we wanted to do was to breakdown the success formula in a simple way. 

Our reading and research took us to millions of words without any fruitful outcome until we realized that it was not a complex formula but a simple combination of the framework, mindset, and actions.

Hereafter everything was easy. Things started falling in place. It busted the biggest myth that success is tough.

No, it's not. It never was. It was a delusion.

The same way as the flying machine was a thousand years back.

Like a mobile phone was a hundred years back. and like Artificial Intelligence was a decade back.

Success is simple. And our students are proving it daily by following the procedure mentioned in our course.

​Initially, we were hesitant to put this course online. The reason was not anything serious. It's just that we were happy in our small world. But then we realized it should reach more people. And it went.

Today thousands if not million people are using this course. We get emails daily from our students on how they achieved their impossible dream realistically without any magic wand. Their problem of the framework, mindset, and actions is resolved and they are living a life of their dreams.​

And what's more - we have resolved the issue of lack of confidence or fear of failure in many. How?


We offer support to our students for their dreams. We walk along with them towards their dreams so they are not alone. And the same will be with you.


Anywhere you feel stuck in the journey of your dreams you can ask a question and we do provide you with customized solution for your dreams and action plan. It's like direct coaching.


Our purpose is to make sure you are successful. It's not only your dream – It's also ours and you enjoy the fruit.

​Earlier the online format was only through email in video format but now after a huge number of requests, we have decided to take this course online through this website.


So what you get when you buy this course?


You will live the life of your dreams if you follow the simple steps mentioned in this course – Guaranteed!​


After you finish this course:


  • No goals will be big for you. Everything will be a simple cakewalk.

  • Your finances, relations, dreams, passion everything will be sorted.

  • Your life will be meaningful and purposeful.

  • You will live happily hereafter.

  • You will die in peace.

This course offers a few simple steps that can be applied in every area of your life. All you need is Faith in yourself by 0.01% and an open mind.


And you get a lifetime unlimited access to the most simple yet profound videos that will change the way you live your life forever. 


​The videos are in a raw format exactly the way our coach speaks in a live session with client. Moreover, it has 100+ well-designed PowerPoint slides that easily explain everything. Each slide will bring you closer to your dreams.


Do think of our instructor as your friend talking to you live by sitting in front of you.


And what's more, we offer you support and direct coaching for your dreams and goals no matter how big they are. 


Our aim is to make sure that you are happy. Every time you become a better version of yourself DREAMZ-B will be successful.


Don't wait a second…


If you have guts to see yourself as:







Then just click the Buy Now! right away and enjoy the priceless information that no one else will give you.

​Every second wasted is not worth. Especially when you are unlocking the precious information that will give you a fortune in all the areas of your life.

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​Your dream, our help, and your fruit!



"Its in the moment of decision you shape your destiny" - Tony Robbins.



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